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Living with Scalp Psoriasis: General Recommendations

Avoid Overly Tight Clothing

One need not be paranoid about clothing, but it is important for patients with psoriasis to protect their skin to minimize the chance of injury or insult, as it can lead to psoriasis spreading. Clothes that strongly rub against the skin can be problematic.

Get some sunlight

UV rays are often maligned by dermatologists, and in fact, do cause premature aging, wrinkling, and increase the risk of many skin diseases including skin cancer. However, in moderation (one's skin should never burn), UV light is actually very beneficial in controlling psoriasis. This is one of the main reasons that psoriasis tends to be milder during the summer. There are also therapies based on this effect, called light therapy.

Wear lighter color clothes

When scalp psoriasis is severe, flakes can be very difficult to hide. Wearing lighter coloured clothing can help make the flakes less obvious. Similar to the sunlight advice above, wearing thin white clothing allows more UV light to pass through, which can help to reduce psoriatic patches that are covered under the clothes.

Live a healthy lifestyle

Although the exact mechanisms and causes of psoriasis are not known at this time, it is known that the immune system plays a large role in the development of psoriasis. Generally, psoriasis flares when the immune system is stimulated in some manner, whether by illness, infection, a wound, extreme stress, sleep deprivation, or unhealthy eating habits. Alcohol is a trigger for many psoriasis patients and should be avoided, or at least reduced. High calorie foods are also not recommended. Certain drugs such as beta blockers and lithium may aggravate psoriasis or make it difficult to clear.

Understand the Chronic Nature of Psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis as well as psoriasis in general, is considered to be a chronic condition. At this time, there is no cure for psoriasis. Be patient, and focus on learning to live with psoriasis. This means understanding when and under what circumstances, psoriasis tends to get better or worse. Over time, you will learn to understand how your body works, and what triggers psoriasis, what makes it better, and what makes it worse.

Find a Support Group

Any type of psoriasis can be a tiring condition to live with. It can be socially taxing, and in many cases, can cause stress, and even depression. It can also draining physically, as it can itch, irritate, and sometimes be sore or painful. It helps to have family, friends or a support group that can provide you with a place where you can feel safe and supported. There are also online communities for psoriasis patients and supporters that can also be of help.

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